Junior Team Tennis Fall Program

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Last matches of the season for the weekend of 05/06. 14u Intermediate have a match for SUNDAY, 05/07. Some division's are complete, a few will still have matches this weekend. You will need to refresh the page if the information is outdated.

Teams Time / Location Team Lineup/ Players that need to register for team have a * next to their name
10U Orange-Frosted Flakes-ATC-PorterAll matches are complete for the seasonMarcus Farn, Warren Chang, Ryan Feng, Penny Aguilar, Violet Aguilar, Hermione Gorelick, Liam Wong, Ezra Rangle
10U Advanced Green-Fruit Loops-ATC-PorterTime- Warmup: 11:45am, Match:12:00pm /Location- Costa Mesa TC (880 Junipero Dr, Costa Mesa, CA 92626)Nicolas Korzus, Arjun Khandhar, Andrew Kim, Akshita Iyer, Eshen Ahmed
10U Advanced Green-Lucky Charms-ATC-PorterAll matches are complete for the seasonGiancarlo Lavagnino, Terry Ye, Fitzgerald Harns, Ella Chu, Marvin Zhang
12U Novice-Cherrios-ATC-PorterTime- Warmup: 10:45am, Match: 11:00am/ Location- Coto de caza Golf and country club (25291 Vista Del Verde, Coto De Caza, CA 92679)Edward Zhi, Rishabh Deshpande, Kensie Lim, Reza Ahmed, Devon Davis, Gabriella Perez
12U Novice-Reese's Puffs-ATC-PorterTime- Warmup: 1:30pm ,Match: 1:45pm /Location- Costa Mesa TC (880 Junipero Dr, Costa Mesa, CA 92626)Andie Kim, Olivia Kim, Ian Lee, Lyla Chau, (Peyton Truong*), Laila Hani, (Claire Lee*)
12U Intermediate-Cocoa Puffs-ATC-PorterAll matches are complete for the seasonTyler Chau, Elliot Walker-Kim, Cole Garvin, Kai Garvin, Anya Nair, Colin Roth
14U Novice-Cap'n Crunch-ATC-PorterAll matches are complete for the seasonAnsh Khant, Ashley Lee, Kareena Shrikhande, Olivia Lee, Benjamin Yoo, Noah Chu, Eva Yazdianpour, (Toti Sekona*),
14U Intermediate-Apple Jacks-ATC-PorterPLAYING SUNDAY- Time- Warmup: 11:45am, Match: 12:00pm /Location- Costa Mesa TC (880 Junipero Dr, Costa Mesa, CA 92626)Samantha Thomson, Max Aispuro, Grant Edmonds, Owen Heffernan, Christian Shen, (Stephanie Cieslinski*), Isabella Perez, Kai Garvin

ATC JTT Standings in League

Standings in Leagues Leaderboards
10U Orange - ATC The Triwizards - Porter
10U Orange - ATC The Wild Weasleys- Porter
10U Advanced Green - Hungry Hippogriffs - Porter
12U 2.0 & Below - ATC Fantastical Beasts- Porter
12U 2.0 & Below - ATC Muggles United - Porter
12U 2.9 Below - ATC Hufflepuff Badgers - Porter
14U 2.0 & Below - Order of the Phoenix - Porter
14U 2.9 & Below - ATC The Patronuses - Porter
18U 2.0 & Below - ATC Team Nimbus - Porter