Junior Team Tennis Spring Season

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Players joining the Team Tennis Program must be registered with the USTA, follow the link below to complete the process

Players MUST be registered into their respective teams to be eligible for the season, check with coach Derek to obtain the correct team number and follow the link below to complete the process


Final practice on Friday, 04/26. Saturday for all Teams, 11am - 1pm, Tennis and pizza party to complete the season

Team name and Number Time / Location / Team we are playing Team Lineup
10u Orange Bronze – Team McDonalds/ Team Number- (6517472440)Melinda Chen, Dietrich Potthoff, Sophia Potthoff, Spencer Arrieta, Ranya Ahmed, Juliana Yee
10u Green Bronze – Team Panda Express/ Team Number- (6517472441)Fitzgerald Harns, Ryan Huang, Ella Chu, Brooklyn Carney, Teo Taylor, Arjun Khandhar, Kyle Xu, Kaydence Chu, Kendrick Chu, Dylan Tran, Ehsen Ahmed
12u Novice Bronze – Team Chipotle/ Team Number- (6517472442)Annabelle Huang, Arianna Baca, Cayden Tran, Yueyue Zhang, Jaydon Park, Gianni Lavagnino, Sofie Tham
14u Novice Bronze – Team Chick-fil-A/ Team Number- (6517472444)Enoch Kim, Ava Nguyen, Carly Rosell, Toti Sekona, Derek Simeon, Theo Ng, Mia Nguyen, Reza Ahmed, Alisah Matthews, Damian Ramirez, Katerina Diaz, Nicholas Diaz,
14u Intermediate Bronze – Team Taco Bell/ Team Number- (6517472445)Devon Davis, Rohit Samtani, Grant Edmonds, Rishabh Deshpande, Ian Lee, Prithiv Vivek, Colin Roth, Filumena Martin, Anya Nair, Tanner Goodman
18 Novice Bronze – Team Tummy Stuffers/ Team Number- (6517472446)Abigail Bickley, Jarron Holt, Anika Viadun, Cara Sohn,